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The membership payment plan for those who are members of the University College Union (UCU) or Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS).

Eligibility criteria required and exclusions

For joint membership with UCU or EIS, the member must be working in role/area recognised by the partner organisation. For example, a member must work in an UCU recognised university or institute of higher education. If in doubt, the member should be referred to the partner organisation.

Period of availability

The period of availability is ongoing, or until the member meets the criteria for, and wishes to transfer to an alternative payment plan.

Membership subscription

Annual rate: £147.64 (£118.11 after tax relief*)
Monthly rate: £12.30 (£9.84 after tax relief*)

* tax relief may vary depending on the tax situation of each member

Members can save money on their membership by claiming tax relief. Find out how here.

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Members on the joint educational payment plan would normally seek employment relations support from the UCU and professional or nursing advice from the RCN.

UCU provides the employment relations support, the RCN provides the indemnity as well as support and advice on professional and nursing practice issues.

There are standard conditions and limitations to indemnity cover which are detailed on the RCN website.