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Meet RCN Student Ambassador, Damien Crick

Damien Crick 3 Mar 2021 Eastern

Hello, my name is Damien. I am a second year adult student nurse at Anglia Ruskin University. 

When I am not studying I have been helping my local trust in the mass vaccination centres as an immuniser. I am also an Officer Cadet with my local University Royal Naval Unit (URNU), helping to develop my leadership and teamwork skills. After qualifying I hope to join the Royal Navy as a nurse, taking the skills I have learnt from the URNU as an Officer Cadet and university as a student nurse.

Since I left school I knew I didn’t want to sit at a desk all day for work. I wanted to feel like I was making a difference to my local community, so I started to work in a local community pharmacy, learning medications, talking to health care professionals and advising patients. I started to see the impact I was having on people. 

During this time I volunteered as a Special Police Constable with my local police force. I worked alongside the full-time officers to make the community I served a better place. One incident took my colleague and I into our local hospital, where I saw the amazing work nurses, health care assistants, doctors and other professionals were doing. This is what cemented into my mind that I wanted to become a nurse. 

Covid-19 has put stress, anxiety and doubt into my colleagues' minds about their future in the profession. I am here to listen and help those who need it. Students' mental health has been severely affected by the stresses of university work and placements. We need to be there for each other and help gain the resources and knowledge to help the nurses of tomorrow. 

After becoming a student ambassador for the RCN I have been able to listen to my colleagues, to help signpost and advise them on what they can do -whether that is with university, placement or family life. 

Students are the future of this amazing profession. We need to be able to speak up about our concerns and problems. 

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Damien Crick

Student Ambassador in Essex

Damien is an adult nursing student studying at Anglia Ruskin University who has become an RCN student ambassador in the Eastern region

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