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Leadership from the Kitchen Table the new normal

Angela Sealy 16 Sep 2020

How can you create and  maintain your visibility as a nurse leader in this new world of work.

Like many people right now I have found myself at the kitchen table trying to navigate the 'new normal' and reassessing when it means to lead and be seen as a leader.

How do you maintain your visibility as a leader in your organisation or across a health care system in this uncharted new work world?

The usual leadership strategies to improve and maintain visibility such as speaking up at meetings, demonstrating your expertise, and networking were quite challenging to implement and were not always effective to incorporate where change was the only constant factor in this new world of work. It became imperative to deliver critical actions at a fast pace while working with current and/or new colleagues. 

How could I deliver on and contribute to actions, where change was happening daily depending on what was the hot topic of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Building trust became a key strategy in maintaining visibility as a leader. As traditional ways of working had significantly shifted and leadership did not fit into the usual organisational structures, as the crisis required people to adapt and change roles.

Reflecting on my actions, decisions, transparency, active listening, and bringing yourself (heart) became key ingredients to my approach to leadership. These authentic leadership characteristics enable me to develop and maintain effective working relationships within and across organisational boundaries to deliver at pace in these uncharted waters of a global pandemic.

A key lesson about visible leadership is not just about exercising your authority. It is equally important to adopt authentic leadership characteristics to maintain visibility and lead in the 'new normal'.

Angela Sealy

Angela Sealy

Nurses in Management and Leadership Committee Member

Interim Designated Professional for Safeguarding Adults

Angela is currently Interim Designated Professional for Safeguarding Adults with strategic, professional lead on all aspects of the health service contribution to adult safeguarding at NHS NCL Clinical Commissioning Group - Haringey. She is also responsible for quality assurance in care  homes across Haringey.

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