Why getting involved in the RCN is a great development opportunity.

 Sam Turner 29 Sep 2020

Current North West member on the RCN UK Students Committee, Sam Turner, explains what the role involves and why other students should think about applying.

I'm Sam and I'm the current RCN North West representative on the RCN Students Committee. I graduated this summer from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Adult Nursing and have just begun a new job as an anaesthetic and recovery practitioner working in operating theatres. I also start my master's in global public health next year.

My time on the committee is coming to an end soon and I'd like to encourage you to take my place. The time commitment as a Students Committee member can vary. A lot of my time when I first joined the committee was spent networking and building relationships with staff members and reps in the North West. Now I have those contacts and relationships, I spend around half a day a week on committee related work. There are also four or five committee meetings per year where you can really represent the regional voice. Normally, university freshers' week is the busiest period as I visit different universities with regional staff to highlight the benefits of joining the RCN. 

My favourite experience on the committee was definitely Congress last year. It's such an amazing experience to attend as a voting member, and you have the chance to meet some amazingly inspiring nurses. It’s a fantastic event and I would really recommend it to anyone.

My role as North West representative has prepared me to go into leadership roles in the future. I have so much more awareness of things like policy, governance, representation and professional practice. The Students Committee gives you a wider understanding of the profession and its leadership. As well as leadership and public speaking skills, I’ve learnt how to be impartial, and to use impartiality to voice the opinions of the different people I represent.

If you need any more encouragement, my advice is to be bold, put yourself out there and represent the voice of the North West student membership. You could be part of the change that leads nursing into the future.

We are currently in the process of updating our elections campaigning guidance and these will be available before campaigning opens. Meanwhile if you have any questions about the election please contact elections@rcn.org.uk . The nomination deadline is 4.30pm on Monday 12 October. I really hope you'll consider getting involved. 



Sam Turner

Sam Turner

RCN Student Committee Member for the North West region

Student Nurse (Adult)

Sam has recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Adult Nursing. He has recently accepted a job as an anaesthetic and recovery practitioner working in operating theatres. 

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