Evaline Omondi - Eastern nominee for RCN Council

 Evaline Omondi 7 Aug 2018 Eastern

As a serving and relentless accredited RCN rep, I come as one but stand as 10,000 in vying for this position on RCN Council.

I am hungry for every positive change that will influence nursing and help nurses in becoming first class service providers.

I boast a broad wealth of experience in nursing and midwifery, both abroad and within a UK population with such great diversity. I am in touch with the experiences of the overseas and local nurses and also experienced in dealing with nursing leaders and managers. Joint staff and management committee meetings enable me to understand, challenge and contribute ideas that that seek to improve delivery of care and get the best out of our members.

I appreciate that errors can happen in health settings, understand that it’s human to make mistakes and I do my best in supporting our members when they find themselves in these situations. I employ my personality in reaching out to members, campaigning, debating at RCN Congress and voting and contributing to Congress agenda items.

Taking up the Eastern seat on RCN Council would be a call of duty where winning goes beyond celebrating the post. It would be a win to fight for a chance to restore the neglected dignity and value for the nursing workforce. I would value the opportunity to remind the world and its leaders that nursing and nurses are an absolute necessity - that their position is irreplaceable, even in the wake of technological advances. The attributes and qualities of a nurse cannot simply be taught in class. Having humanity is vital.

It would be a privilege to speak out for nurses and support them to realise that it is time to stand up for themselves as they provide services to their patients. Nursing staff cannot be intimidated and must understand the great work they do. No touch can be as divine as a nurse’s touch, which we can experience with our first and last breaths.

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