Flu - STPs can suffer too

An update on the Sussex and East Surrey STP

 Angela Johnson 19 Feb 2018 South East

It’s not only the frontline services that have been hit by winter pressures, it seems an STP can catch flu as well.

The Sussex and East Surrey Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) brings together 24 organisations involved in the planning and provision of health and care services across the region. However there are rumours that the East Surrey part of the group wishes to partner up with the Surrey Heartlands STP.

The pace with Sussex and East Surrey STP has almost ground to a halt over the winter as everyone involved have been too busy firefighting on the frontline. With several hospitals on black, Directors are being drawn, understandably to the “day job”. The dramatic rise in patients presenting at hospitals has led to some creative thinking between community and social services to try and relieve the pressure on the frontline. This cohesiveness in working together bodes well for the future of the STP.

The STP is currently leaderless and we are noticing a lack of direction and clarity. The deficit that the STP is tasked to make up is some £300m a huge figure and there will need to be some swift decisions made soon about the direction of travel. At the moment, until things stabilise, it’s “business as usual” in Sussex, we at the RCN will continue to ask questions and speak to STP leads but we aren’t expecting any change anytime soon.

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson

RCN Senior Officer - Sussex

Angela is the senior regional officer covering the Sussex patch. Angela is a registered nurse and works in the Croydon regional office.

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