Get behind the Safe and effective Care campaign

 Maggy Heaton 22 Feb 2019

Nurses in all areas are struggling to give safe and effective care to their patients.  This is something I hear about all the time.    In 2017 the RCN conducted a survey asking members about your experience at work, particularly reflecting on your last shift, and feedback from the North West really stood out – exceeding the English average in a lot of areas. 

Of those who responded in the NW, 61 per cent said their shifts were short by one or more registered nurses. This is 5 per cent higher than the English average. Clearly this is not acceptable.  Not only is this putting patients at risk – which 58 percent of you said was the reality during your shift - it’s causing burnout and stress in the workforce.

Last week, I attended a planning workshop for the Staffing for Safe and Effective Care campaign which the RCN launched earlier this month.  The RCN is campaigning for Staffing for Safe and Effective Care to be enshrined in law across all four countries of the UK.  This is not the first time the RCN has campaigned for such legislation, it has been done very successfully in Wales.

I believe the most important message I took away from the workshop was that this campaign needs to be fully inclusive of members, the public and any people of influence who would be willing to support this campaign, i.e. local/national celebrities, patients past and present, the general public, MPs and businesses. This is because it affects everyone.

We’re now tasked with taking the messages from the day back into the region and gathering the thoughts, insight and ideas from amongst our 50,000 members. A further workshop will now take place in Bolton on 5thApril and all members are invited – there’s only 30 spaces for this event so you need to be quick in registering your interest

Remember - our PIN is not just a number, it’s proof that we are maintaining NMC standards and it is what allows us to earn our living, pay our mortgage, and feed our children.  Maintaining safe and effective care is a priority and I urge you to get behind this very important campaign.

Maggy Heaton

Maggy is staff-side Chair at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  She has been an RCN rep since 2002 and is currently deputy chair of the NW regional Board. 

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