Getting it right for patients

 Helen Whiting 28 Nov 2017

I wanted to find a way of getting the personal information we need about patients to help provide more compassionate and patient-centred care, without creating additional work for staff.

I developed a confidential form for patients or their families to complete on admission which has been used for the last three years. It’s low-tech, quick to complete and read. It belongs to the patient and they can take it with them when they’re discharged to use in other settings. It’s a great way to empower patients and helps normalise things in an invasive environment. I love seeing it used as a springboard to conversation with stressed relatives and patients.

We need to know what patients are scared of, what time they prefer to go to sleep, whether they’re frightened of hospitals and so much more. Many patients aren’t in a position to give us this information themselves, but being cared for by health professionals armed with this kind of knowledge could transform their hospital experience.

The results have been astonishing, with improved individualised care and communications between patients, families and nursing staff evident. The Care Quality Commission saw the impact it had too. My vision is for every patient to have my patient profile form so we can transform the way all patients experience care.





Helen Whiting

Helen Whiting

RCN Critical Care Forum and In-flight Nursing Forum member

Senior Staff Nurse

Helen has introduced a patient profile form to transform the experience of those receiving critical care at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. She is also in the RCN Quality Improvement network.

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