Healthy Eating Week

Find out about NURSING YOU, a wellbeing app designed by nurses, for nurses

 Michaela Nuttall 11 Jun 2018

This Healthy Eating Week, C3 Collaborating for Health’s Michaela Nuttall shares about NURSING YOU, a new health and wellbeing app for nursing professionals.

See a poorly patient. Do the drug round. Give IVs. Juggle beds and admissions. Write up notes. No time for loo break. Chase up a physiotherapy referral. Patient falls. Assess. Contact family. Do another drug round. Give IVs... 

Not all nursing staff have the same role, but many face similar pressures. Between caring for patients and juggling management, it's no surprise that we have no time to look after our own health. It’s hard to change our habits when stuck in a mad dash routine. It’s also not entirely up to us – an overwhelming number of factors are outside of our control (how supportive workplaces and employers are, shiftwork, ability to take breaks, availability of healthy food at the canteen and family responsibilities, to name a few). This leaves many nursing professionals wondering…is there anything we can do to better care for ourselves? 

NURSING YOU is a great new tool that can help get you started on a self-care journey. What better week to start than Healthy Eating Week. 

Let’s be realistic – it can be difficult to live a healthy lifestyle and care for yourself when you’re too busy caring for everyone else. We consistently heard this from the nursing professionals engaged through the Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses (WIN.).

Ultimately the nursing professionals requested a tool created with their unique roles in mind. Through focus groups, co-design workshops, a brilliant advisory group of dedicated nurses and collaboration with MAXIMUS, the NURSING YOU app was created.

The app enables nursing professionals to identify and work towards wellbeing goals, such as maintain a healthier weight, drink more water or eat healthier. Along with wellbeing assessments, tracking functions, recipes, health tips and a community forum.

Find out more about NURSING YOU and the app.

WIN was a partnership between C3 Collaborating for Health, RCN and London South Bank University, funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing and RCN Foundation. C3 Collaborating for Health is a public health charity started by former RCN General Secretary Christine Hancock. C3 believes that nurses and midwives are best-placed to promote healthy lifestyles with their patients, families and communities.

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Michaela Nuttall

Nursing associate, C3 Collaborating for Health

Michaela is a cardiovascular nurse specialist who, after working in the NHS for 27 years, became Clinical Director at Smart Health Solutions and Nursing Associate at C3 Collaborating for Health.

Healthy you

Healthy you

Healthy you is designed for nursing professionals and supports you to develop and maintain your own self-care plan.

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