History of Nursing Society to the History of Nursing Forum

 Dr Alison O'Donnell 30 Jul 2019

From Society to Forum

Just to let you know that we are changing our name!   We will now be known as the History of Nursing Forum, our name change has been planned to bring us in line with the other fora within the RCN.  

As well as this, our change of name will give a consistency of approach across the fora and we hope that it will also ensure that new members easily recognise us as a forum, which is engaged with nursing history.   

It is a change in name only, everything else will remain the same.  As a forum we will still have a focus on the history of nursing at our core, representing the membership and their interesting events, carry on producing our Nursing History Now magazine, continue developing innovative exhibitions with other RCN fora which promote and highlight all of the unique aspects of our nursing heritage.  

Dr Alison O'Donnell

RCN Forum Member, History of Nursing

Retired Lecturer in Nursing/ Volunteer RCN Scotland

I am a retired lecturer in nursing, University of Dundee. I currently volunteer at RCN Scotland in the archives.

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