All you need to know about how to cast your NHS pay vote

 Norman Provan 12 Jul 2018

A step-by-step guide to help RCN members in Scotland who work in the NHS cast their vote on the proposed pay deal.

Have your say on NHS pay in Scotland
RCN members in Scotland working in the NHS are now being asked to vote to accept or reject a new three-year pay deal. In less than five minutes members can have a say on their future pay.

To avoid common voting mishaps, we have pulled together a guide on how to vote properly to ensure your voice counts.

Before you vote:

  • Please check the information we hold, including your place of work, is up to date - check now by logging into MyRCN 
  • Have your membership number to hand - you can find it on MyRCN.

How to vote:

  • Go to the online survey to have your say
  • Type in your name as it appears on your RCN membership record
  • Type in your RCN membership number. This is a different number from your NMC PIN.
  • Select the country where you are employed – Scotland
  • The next question asks if you are employed by the NHS. If this is accurate, click YES. The proposed deal is for all staff on Agenda for Change contracts employed by the NHS in Scotland
  • Sounds obvious, but remember to click FINISH SURVEY once you have voted to accept or reject the deal otherwise your vote won’t count!

Please remember, only your first completed attempt to vote (ie, once you have clicked 'FINISH SURVEY') will be counted.

If you need more information to help you make up your mind go to the NHS pay Scotland website to read more about the proposed deal and use the pay calculator to work out what the deal will mean for you. 

The consultation will close at 12 (noon) on Wednesday 15 August 2018. If you have a question about your vote, please email

Norman Provan

Norman Provan

Associate Director - Employment Relations, RCN Scotland

Norman Provan has been RCN Scotland Associate Director since 2008. He is the RCN's lead negotiator on NHS pay in Scotland.

Page last updated - 05/09/2018