I found revalidation quite a cathartic process

 Marilyn Martin 7 Mar 2017 Eastern

I completed my revalidation in December.  I was concerned at how much time it would take to prepare the paperwork, but it wasn’t too onerous.

It is a case of picking out the key pieces of information to form the basis for your discussions when you are revalidating.

The most difficult part was the time it takes to collate the information and relate it to the NMC code. It is not difficult, it can just be time consuming.  You have to relate your practice back to the code. It makes you realise just how much of the code you embrace in your daily job. It just takes time to write it up.

My key tip would be to make sure you complete reflective practice forms throughout the year because that makes it easier when it comes to looking at the revalidation process. You should also aim to get the revalidation completed at least a month in advance. You or your manager could be off sick. There could be unforeseen circumstances that can delay the sign off meeting. If that happens you are up against it time wise and it can be very stressful.

You should remember to check NMC online to check where you are in the revalidation process and the dates are correct to get on stream to get it completed. You also need to check afterwards that your revalidation has been processed. Make sure you update your contact details with the NMC whenever they change.

The other thing is that the form you complete online for the revalidation needs to be checked carefully because there are lots of answers where you could be tripped up. You may think the answer to every question is “yes” but to some it is “no”. Double check that form before you send it, or ask someone else to go through it. If you make an error it could delay your registration being renewed and it could cause you problems at work.

In the end I found revalidation quite a cathartic process. It was interesting having the discussions with my manager as a way of reflecting on my practice, whether it was a difficult situation or an unusual situation. It is good to speak that through with another professional. It makes you realise what learning you gained from it.    

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