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 Cecilia Anim CBE 8 Aug 2018 Cecilia Anim

Thanks to you, we’re supporting two talented young women to become nurses.

Grace and Sabrina
During my two terms as RCN President, hundreds of you have generously donated to my President’s charity.
Together, we’ve raised thousands of pounds which, I’m incredibly proud to say, has helped to fund two student nurses, Grace and Sabrina, through their training in the Meherpur District of south-west Bangladesh.
There is a critical shortage of nurses in Bangladesh – fewer than 40% of Bangladeshis have access to primary health care other than immunisation, so illness and disability flourish as a result. Women and children are particularly at risk.
This contributes, among other things, to higher infant and maternal mortality and morbidity rates.
In response to this shortage, the RCN Foundation has partnered with the Impact Foundation to improve health care provision in Bangladesh – particularly in rural areas where career opportunities for women are few and far between – and this is where your money is so vital.
Thanks to you, we’ve supported two talented young women to pursue their dream to become nurses, and, in the process, provided them and their families with a route out of poverty.
It's also, in a small way, reduced the need for assistance from overseas.
In 12 months' time, once Grace and Sabrina have graduated, they will work within their local hospital for one year.
Following this, 25% of the students are employed within the hospital and the remaining 75% are assisted to find nursing work elsewhere in the country – sending qualified professionals to parts of the country desperately in need of nurses.
It costs just £5,400 to train a nurse in Bangladesh and your donations have already helped us to support two nurses to achieve their nursing and midwifery diploma.
We are now working hard to raise funds to support a further two students to complete their training. Although we have made a good start, we still need your help.
Nursing, more than ever before, is a global profession, and we all have a responsibility to support and share knowledge with colleagues across the world. I’m incredibly proud that RCN members have chosen to recognise this important cause.
Thank you.

Cecilia Anim

Cecilia Anim CBE

Former RCN President


Cecilia works as a clinical nurse specialist in sexual and reproductive health in London and specialises in family planning and aspects of women's health. She was elected RCN President in 2015, having been a member for more than 30 years, and was made a CBE in the 2017 New Year honours.

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