Janice Waters - Eastern nominee for RCN Council

 Janice Waters 7 Aug 2018 Eastern

The RCN has been a lifelong source of support to me during my career, always there and always working for nurses like me.

During my career I have been fortunate to receive support from the RCN to help me during the low moments and funding from RCN Foundation to support the high points. I aim to give back to the RCN and its members the support I have received.

My career has been varied but always aligned to my nursing role and always with an eye on the needs of those who use health services. My role now focuses on safeguarding adults and children. When I qualified in 1981 safeguarding didn’t exist as we know it today and neither were we familiar with the words abuse and neglect. My tutor at the time told her students: “The hospital should do the patient no harm.” This has been my personal mantra throughout my career. Despite being unaware of safeguarding in my early career, the concept of excellent nursing care has always meant ‘freedom from harm’ for me. This means that issues such as maintaining safe staffing, preventing the loss of skilled staff and the influences of increasing financial pressure, risk diminishing the excellent nursing care provided right across the NHS. This cannot be allowed to happen.

To be able to provide excellent, safe and compassionate care RCN members need support. I will work with others to make member support relevant and meaningful, to raise awareness of the learning available and to work towards improving ways of working through positive and meaningful conversations. Should I be fortunate enough to be elected as your council member I will use my skills and my drive to represent and support you, bringing my dedication and integrity to the role.

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