Kent - one year on

An update on STP plans in Kent

 Millie Simms 7 Feb 2018 South East

The STP directors are good at having conferences and discussion groups to plan ahead, but how is the RCN involved?

One of the groups that the RCN will play an active role in is the Union Partnership Group. The group won’t be advising on STPs directly but have agreed to meet up bi-monthly and divide into groups that focus on specific workforce streams of the STP’s and link with the leads so that we have more information at the meetings to discuss, challenge and feedback on.

Although the STP is “one year on” in some ways it is all the background work that has been taking place, there is very little for the group to do until the various workstreams pick up the pace.

The STP has been very honest in its analysis of staffing across West Kent and Medway saying:
“We know that staffing is an area of real concern. The pressures we have described are very real, and our doctors, nurses, other health and care professionals and support staff work extremely hard to provide the very best care they can.  But they cannot simply work harder and harder to keep services going. Change must happen if we are to maintain the safety and quality of care in future.”

We support any changes to ensure staffing is safe and effective and will be watching the progress of the STP carefully to ensure that our members are indeed protected and valued during any period of transition.

Millie Simms

Millie Simms

RCN Senior Regional Officer

Millie is the Senior Regional Officer for Kent.

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