Learning on the job

 Karen Dutton 23 May 2016

Learning at work keeps us creative, motivated and healthy, writes Karen Dutton.

For most people, learning at work means hours spent on a training course, in a conference centre off a busy motorway. But in reality, learning at work can take on many different forms.

As an RCN Learning Representative, I champion learning at work and always encourage colleagues to explore new things.

Learning together improves relationships and, as individuals, it can improve our mental health by acting as a release from the stresses of work.

In my Trust, we have a pledge wall, and I ask colleagues to write down something new they would like to learn.

Once the pledge has been made, we all support the staff member to meet their challenge, whether it’s completing an online learning module, reading a new book or restarting Tai Chi - it all counts!

The pressures of work and everyday life can make the prospect learning something new incredibly daunting. But if it’s something you have a passion for – writing, sport, comedy – this will keep you motivated and may even spark a creative flair that can be applied to your work.

It’s also a great way to unwind.

I’ve pledged to take up Salsa, and recruit my husband as my dance partner. I’ve also pledged to brush up on my numeracy skills, which I have neglected ever since I left school.

Learning this way is fun because there are no strict guidelines to follow. It means taking ownership of your learning, and an active approach to improving your wellbeing too.

So, what will you learn next?

Healthy workplace, healthy you

Our Healthy workplace, healthy you campaign has resources to help you with work-life balance including advice for carers and resources for employers on the benefits of flexible working arrangements.

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