Message of solidarity to nursing staff in Ireland

 Janice Smyth 30 Jan 2019

Registered nurses across Ireland are acutely aware of their duty of care to patients. 

It is this duty of care that places upon on them an absolute obligation to provide safe and effective care to patients. 
Workplace environments compromise their ability to provide safe and effective care when nursing teams are depleted, when there are gaps in nursing rotas and when nurses are asked to provide highly complex nursing care to more and more patients with fewer staff. 
The root cause of these difficulties can be found in the ill thought out cost saving measures that impact the pay, terms and conditions of nurses and cause growing workplace pressures. 
Nursing staff around the UK are sending solidarity to members of the INMO today. No matter where they work, nurses are determined to give patients the safe care they deserve – staffing levels must be made safe. 

Janice Smyth, Director, Northern Ireland

Janice Smyth

Director, Northern Ireland


Janice joined the RCN in 2005 as Deputy Director and Head of Employment Relations and was appointed Director of the RCN in Northern Ireland in 2009.

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