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 Teresa Budrey 6 Mar 2018 Eastern

Working in nursing, you never stand still. This is literally the case, as we know members are rushed off their feet caring for a growing number of patients while coping with limited resources and staff shortages.

But from an innovation perspective, we’re also constantly moving. Nursing staff are often the driving factor behind many innovations which are helping improve patient care as well as making the most of the limited resources which are available.

The Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships which are under way across our region have been formed to redesign services with the stated aim of improving access for patients, caring for them closer to home and, where possible, preventing ill health in the first place to help tackle the rising costs of caring for the nation. This kind of largescale change undoubtedly requires innovation. This is why we have been striving, and will continue to strive, to make sure that the voice of nursing staff is heard as these plans are taken forward.

But on a daily basis, in hospitals, community and independent sector, our members are developing and redesigning services around the needs of patients. While nurses have the skills to demonstrate that their innovations are clinically effective, proving the case in economic terms is more difficult and can be challenging.

This is why the RCN has been working with the Office for Public Management to help nursing staff demonstrate the value of their innovations as they work in practice. Such an approach benefits everyone – patients whose care is designed around them, nursing staff who see the benefits their patients receive as a result, and the health services which get better outcomes in a cost-effective way.
You can find out more about how the RCN is supporting innovations in nursing, and read case studies on innovations in practice, by visiting the nursing innovation page on the website. 

Let us know of your stories of how you are improving the care of your patients and service users in Eastern Region, particularly during what has been a challenging time during the bad weather and very busy winter period.


Photo of Teresa Budrey,  Regional Director, Eastern Region

Teresa Budrey

Regional Director, Eastern region

Teresa joined the RCN in 2003 as an officer in the Eastern region, following 20 years working in NHS learning disabilities nursing services. Teresa went on to become a senior officer in the RCN’s South East office before returning to the Eastern office in 2016 as operational manager.  She was appointed as Eastern Regional Director in February 2017.

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