RCNi awards - a winner's tale

 Drew McDonald 16 Feb 2018

Drew McDonald says winning the RCNi Child Health award in 2017 boosted his confidence and clinical practice. Why not follow in his footsteps and nominate yourself or someone else for this year's awards.

My clinical nurse manager nominated me for the RCNi Child Health award in 2017. I had no idea so it came as a huge surprise – the first I knew was an email from RCNi to say I had been nominated. While I was surprised, I was grateful too, that someone thought highly of me and valued my hard work.

The nomination was a long way from winning, though. The whole process from, receiving the shortlisting to the end of the ceremony was a journey I will never forget.  I presented my work to the RCNi judging panel in London. I was very nervous about the presentation, but the judges were welcoming and the presentation felt more like a friendly chat than a formal presentation. 

Right up to the announcement at the ceremony in London I had no illusions about winning. I’m a very modest person and went to London to enjoy the night and celebrate the nomination.  I wasn’t nervous, as I had not even imagined winning.  When I did win, it was just a strange feeling and it took a long time to sink in. 

My family, friends and colleagues were as excited about the award as me. My partner Tracey and my kids have given me a lot of support over the years - they are why I work hard and they affect the way I nurse. My mum was very excited and received many messages from people in my hometown.  At work I was greeted with a red carpet and posters of congratulations from my colleagues.  I would not have won the award without the hard work and support of my team, so their response meant a lot. My managers were also delighted and I was extremely grateful for their support with the nomination. 

Since winning the award I have the confidence in myself and my philosophy for practice to push forward and help my team to continue to make positive changes for our patients and colleagues. 

The success has raised awareness of our project and its importance. There is always more we can do to spread the word to improve practice in sepsis recognition management. We continue to raise awareness right across the UK - from the Western Isles to London. We’re also frequently asked to present in Grampian. 

My colleagues can see that putting in the hard work and continually trying to improve our services can bring successes and experiences like mine, I hope it has inspired some people to follow in my footsteps.

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Drew McDonald

Drew McDonald

Acting Senior Charge Nurse, Child Health, Grampian

RCNi Child Health award winner 2017

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