Revalidation relating the requirements away from hands-on nursing to a trade union role

 Teresa Budrey 7 Mar 2017 Eastern

I updated my portfolio of learning and feedback as the new Revalidation process was commenced with the NMC in December 2015.

I knew I needed to think differently about revalidation having moved from a career of hands-on learning disability nursing to a trade union role, some time ago. As a Senior Officer I was out in the world of nursing, influencing and challenging practice. I was attending conferences to present and updating my nursing knowledge but when I moved to be Operational Manager the RCN I wasn’t out in that environment so much. Being able to translate and meet the requirements for revalidation from a non-hands on nursing role required a different mind-set. I was able to draw on interactions with colleagues and nurses for feedback reflection and use the conferences I had presented at as part of my study hours.

My main tip for nurses undergoing revalidation would be to use the RCN library. They have really great resources for revalidation which are all online. The RCN library resources to assist with revalidation are amazing. They have a whole section online which is dedicated to quick links to reflection models to use when considering your practice related feedback and to reflect on your study. In one quick link you have access to all those revalidation resources.

I found the documents the NMC have online helpful to walk me through the revalidation process and I used the templates to document my reflections for my reflective discussions with my confirmer. I was uncertain about what would be required when you go online at the NMC to revalidate but it was easy to navigate and complete. You reaffirm that you have undertaken your reflection and provide your confirmers details online. I found the online submission of information quite a quick process.

The key for me was having a reflective practice model to use which helped me to focus on my reflection. After 24 hours I received an email to advise me revalidation was successful.  

Photo of Teresa Budrey,  Regional Director, Eastern Region

Teresa Budrey

Regional Director, Eastern region

Teresa joined the RCN in 2003 as an officer in the Eastern region, following 20 years working in NHS learning disabilities nursing services. Teresa went on to become a senior officer in the RCN’s South East office before returning to the Eastern office in 2016 as operational manager.  She was appointed as Eastern Regional Director in February 2017.

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