Student Information Officer redesign project

 Jessica Sainsbury 3 Jul 2019

Note: On Thursday 7 November 2019 at the RCN Student Information Officers conference in Cardiff, a change in the role was announced, including the new title of RCN Student Ambassador.

Jessica Sainsbury, Vice Chair of the RCN UK Students Committee, provides an update about a project to redesign the Student Information Officer role.

#hellomynameis Jess, I’m a third year student nurse and I’m also a Student Information Officer, or SIO, for the RCN. The response in practice tends to be a puzzled look and “SIO? What’s that then?” – barrier number one, the lack of knowledge of the role of active RCN student members.

There has been a lot of discussion in various forums and on social media about the role and opportunities available to our Student Members. There hasn’t been a change to the SIO role for many years and the RCN UK Students Committee feel that now is the time.

We want to do this properly, with a wide consultation with members, support from the staff with the relevant expertise, and using a focus group who have a mix of skills and experiences with the SIO role. In order to have a lasting and effective impact on the role of active student members, we will be splitting this project into three phases.

Phase 1

This phase will look at the SIO role in detail. What does it look like now? What do we think it should look like in the future? Should it really be called Student Information Officer anymore? What do we think it should be called? A role descriptor will be created and shared, so everyone is on the same page.

Phase 2

We would like to create a fantastic learning and development offer for both our existing SIOs and SIOs of the future. This will support and empower them in practice, in their universities, and throughout their careers. They will have the tools to help them support their peers both at a local and national level.

Phase 3

The final phase focuses on leadership and empowering our students now. Our active student members will be able to identify what kind of leader they want to be, one size does not fit all. Like activism? We can support you to make the most of our trade union links and campaigning for what matters to you and your peers. Want to be a leader in a certain area of nursing? Let us introduce you to established leaders in your field who can support and guide you.

Have your say

The SIO redesign is a four country project, we want to bring our RCN together nationally, and why not do this with our students? This is only the start of this project and we want to hear from you, our student members. That's why we will be hosting a live conversation on Twitter via the @RCNStudents account on Wednesday 24th July at 8pm. Please do join us for that!

We have also produced a short video to explain the SIO redesign project which you can view below:

Jess Sainsbury

Jessica Sainsbury

Chair of the RCN UK Students Committee

Alongside her role on the RCN UK Students Committee, Jess is a Student Ambassador for the South East Region.

SIO redesign project video

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