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 Jeremy Benton 18 Feb 2019 Safe staffing

On Thursday [14 February 2019] I attended the launch of the Staffing for Safe and Effective Care (England) Campaign – the stated primary aim of which is to “Understand and commit to working together as equal partners in the co-production of an England campaign on staffing for safe and effective care”. In other words, a member-inclusive approach to policy making within our RCN.

This idea and this way of working is a novel one for our RCN, where policy making is usually a top down process, albeit often dictated by Congress. This new, inclusive approach – spearheaded by Patricia Marquis, the Interim England Director, is not only novel and brave but reflects the current demands within our RCN for a more member-centric approach and while not member-led is certainly giving members an equal input. Each region is represented by one RCN member of staff, one rep and one member and the work begun on Thursday as a national group - underpinned by test programmes carried out in three regions - will continue regionally among the smaller groups. The South East event is on 1 April and we will update you on our next steps then.

Make no mistake, this decision to be more inclusive of members’ opinions is highly significant and marks a radical departure for our RCN and I welcome it unreservedly. Like all new ideas, I have no doubt that there will be mis-steps along the way but those of us calling for a more open, transparent and member-led RCN should welcome and support this initiative.

Jeremy Benton

Jeremy Benton

South East safe staffing member lead

Jeremy is on the RCN staffing for safe and effective care regional team.

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