Update your details to make sure you get your vote on pay

 Stewart Donnelly 20 Jun 2018

Stewart Donnelly makes no apologies for reminding members to update their details on MyRCN. Here, he reminds us all why it is so important.

Earlier this month, Norman Provan, RCN Scotland Associate Director for Employment Relations, gave a cautiously optimistic update on the progress of negotiations on NHS pay in Scotland. Norman, who is the RCN Scotland lead negotiator, said: “Negotiations are progressing well, although some issues are not yet agreed and may be challenging to deliver.” 
We’re at that unsettling period in negotiations when detail is inevitably scant – as Norman said in his blog on 6 June, “…the tricky nature of negotiations that, while they are ongoing, the detail is confidential” – and we can only speculate until that ‘red letter day’ when the full offer is known. 
But there is at least one positive step RCN members in Scotland who work in the NHS can take, and I make no apologies for reminding you.
If you haven’t recently updated your details on MyRCN, you run the risk of missing out on having your say on the NHS pay offer. Only members with an Agenda for Change contract working in the NHS will be eligible to vote and, when the time comes, the RCN will need to be able to verify your eligibility. 
To do that, your membership record needs to have up-to-date and accurate details of your employer and place of employment and your email address. 
So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, don’t play fast and loose with your right to vote on your future pay. Login on the RCN website now and update your details

Stewart Donnelly

RCN Scotland Board Chair

Employee Director in NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Stewart has worked in the NHS for over 37 years and became an RCN steward in the mid-1980s. He has held a variety of roles in the RCN Ayrshire and Arran Branch, from chair to secretary to treasurer. Stewart is the former Vice Chair of RCN Scottish Board.


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