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Surrey Heartlands STP

 Adele Longley 13 Nov 2017 South East

Surrey Heartlands STP seems to be making great progress in doing what it needs to do. It launched a new website early this month where is claims to be “working together – doctors, nurses, other clinicians and staff – in partnership with local residents and patients to improve health and care services for local people.”

But is it really?

Their website is actually very helpful – it sets out clearly what has been done and what is yet to do. It also gives clear ways for the public to become engaged with their work (STP email updates anyone?). This openness and transparency should stand them in good stead. Their social media comms is also pretty good.

A joint Staff Partnership Forum has been set up, which includes unions – this has been set up to bring together local staff representatives from the Surrey Heartlands STP during the programme of organisational change.  It is hoped that the group will form the basis of a more formal partnership forum with a wider remit and new terms of reference which will emerge after the organisations change programme has been completed in Spring next year.

The Royal College of Nursing have a seat at this forum and, unlike with some other STPs, we have been welcomed. Our concerns are no different from any of the other STPs – a lack of detail and a lack of funding.

The most interesting thing about Surrey Heartlands is the move towards devolution. They have signed an agreement which signals a commitment by NHS England and NHS Improvement to support the design and implementation of devolution in Surrey Heartlands. 2017/18 will be a “shadow year” in which the devolution model for 2018/19 and beyond will be further scoped and defined.
They say that “Devolution is an essential component to unlocking far broader changes, accelerating integration and more effective collaboration in Surrey Heartlands.”

We have secured a seat on the Surrey Heartlands LWAB (Local Workforce Action Board). This is a fantastic opportunity for us to be able to advocate for our members.

Adele Longley

Adele Longley

RCN Senior Officer

Adele is a South East region Senior Officer covering Surrey.

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