The nursing team is a powerful force

 Hannah Andrews 12 May 2016

We must never forget the way we support each other, writes Hannah.

Nursing isn’t just a job, it’s part of who I am and I feel lucky to be a member of the nursing team.

When we come together, we are a powerful force - a kind of extended family, which provides a sense of belonging and supports us to give round-the-clock compassion to our patients.

My first manager when I qualified had a big influence on me. She taught me the importance of belonging to a team, having each other’s back and knowing when to step in if one of us was struggling.

She taught me how to work autonomously, but also to embrace a team structure where everyone has their own skills and specialisms.

On Nurses’ Day, we should think about the nurses who have inspired us, kept us going with their sense of humour and made a positive difference to our working lives.

We should think too, about colleagues who have helped build our resilience and face the constant change, which is a significant part of modern nursing.

And we should remember how the compassion we give each other makes such a difference when faced with the many challenges of nursing – and ultimately brings us closer together.

I know, from my own experience, how this can lessen that harsh inner-voice, which haunts us when we believe we have made a mistake.

Today I’ll be thinking about my own nursing career, how far I’ve come since my first day at university, and the amazing relationships I have made along the way.

Be proud on Nurses’ Day and take care of yourselves, and most importantly of all, each other.

Happy Nurses’ Day.

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