The spirit of Mary Seacole

 Anita John 3 Apr 2017

A past recipient of a Mary Seacole award describes how recognition boosted her confidence and career.

I was lucky enough to receive a Mary Seacole developmental award in 2012. This has helped me to explore both the barriers and incentives to diabetic retinopathy screening among the South Asian population in Nottinghamshire.

This was the first time I had stepped out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to work differently. I was overwhelmed by the support from my managers, mentors and colleagues, both from within my organisation and outside. I feel privileged and humbled to be contributing to addressing health inequalities.

Since receiving the award I’ve presented my findings to my trust’s board, an equality conference organised by the trust, at an RCN ophthalmic conference, and also published my work along with my mentors.

The wonderful experience and the spirit of learning and studying made me apply for a trainee advanced nurse practitioner role within my trust in 2014, and I’m currently in the final year of an MSc in advanced nursing practice.

Apart from developing my skills in research, the award has also given me the opportunity to visit to Department of Health, do media training and meet new people. The exposure to the wider NHS was immense and this has given me huge personal confidence. I look forward to taking the spirit and resilience of Mary Seacole with me throughout my career.

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Anita John

Anita John

2012 Mary Seacole award recipient

Anita John is a nurse practitioner in ophthalmology at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. She received a Mary Seacole development award in 2012.

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