Pay deal not a done deal - Use your vote

 Teresa Budrey 24 May 2018 Eastern

Since the Government announced the pay deal being offered to staff working in the NHS, much has been said on both sides of the debate.

There is no doubt that there is much to consider in this deal. Unlike previous years, this offer combines both an annual uplift and increases in pay received by some staff as part of the restructuring of Agenda for Change. So the deal is different for everyone and the best thing to do to find out how it will affect you is to use the NHS pay calculator.
There is much to celebrate about what has been achieved in reaching this offer. Our negotiators managed to protect annual leave entitlement and unsocial hours payments are also protected. The restructuring of pay bands means you will progress through your band more quickly, so you’re paid for the job that you do.
I have no doubt that all the work done by RCN members and staff over the last year - campaigning for better pay and for an end to the unfair cap on pay increases – led the Government to offer the deal on the table, which includes £4.2 billion of extra funding from the Treasury.
We always believe our members deserve more, but with a Government still committed to austerity our Trade Union Committee has recommend that members accept the deal as the best we can expect at this time.
But we need to be clear – the pay deal is not yet a done deal. If you work in the NHS you need to make sure that you use your vote and tell us whether you want to accept or reject the deal on the table. All unions are consulting with their members and asking for their views. So please use your vote – whatever your views on the deal – to help guide what happens next.
It is vital that as many members as possible take part in the consultation. We know what some members have told us they were not aware they needed to vote and were expecting the additional pay – backdated to April – to appear in their pay packets shortly. This won’t happen unless you log-on to vote.
We don’t have a crystal ball to know what will happen if members of the RCN and other unions reject the pay deal. But we do know that the more members who respond to the vote, the stronger we will be to take the issue forward whatever happens next.
Please help spread the word to your colleagues and ask them to use their vote before the closing date of 11pm on 5 June.
If you want to find out more about the deal, please visit our pay website which includes lots more information and look out for events happening in your workplace.
Photo of Teresa Budrey,  Regional Director, Eastern Region

Teresa Budrey

Regional Director, Eastern region

Teresa joined the RCN in 2003 as an officer in the Eastern region, following 20 years working in NHS learning disabilities nursing services. Teresa went on to become a senior officer in the RCN’s South East office before returning to the Eastern office in 2016 as operational manager.  She was appointed as Eastern Regional Director in February 2017.

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