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 Andrew Christaki 30 Oct 2017 South West

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) continues to work on the draft of its STP workforce priorities and Local Workforce Action Board (LWAB) work programme 2017/18. 

As we understand that the plan is light on detail and doesn’t appear to include workforce from the CIC, the county councils or Virgin Health Care as yet. We understand that it talks about “reskilling and redeploying our existing workforce to develop a flexible and adaptable workforce” but it doesn’t include the detail about what this will mean. The plan refers to the use of the Calderdale framework to review skill mix. We hope to hear more about the development in upcoming meetings.

The STP is currently reviewing priorities which should be a more simplified approach. Andrew Christaki, Senior RCN Officer, has a place on the Local Workforce Action Board (LWAB). 

We understand from partner union colleagues that the North Bristol NHS Trust is considering creating a wholly owned subsidiary company. Staff side has asked for details about what this will mean for staff and services.  

Weston Area Health NHS Trust remains in a precarious state. A paper called ‘Healthy Weston’ was considered and agreed by the board on 4 October and further details, including a public consultation plan, will be out soon. There was a launch on 18 October in Weston.  

The three clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are looking to merge but again we have no detail on how this might happen.  

Bristol City Council is launching a project to promote access to mental health supporting by supported by local providers.

Andrew Christaki

Andrew Christaki

Senior RCN Officer

Andrew is a Senior RCN Officer in the South West region, with responsibility for Bristol, North Somerset and Gloucestershire.

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