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 Wayne Sleck 20 Nov 2018

South East Council hustings candidate statement from Wayne Sleck.

Hello, my name is Wayne Sleck. I am a Registered Nurse. I currently work clinically within a multi-disciplinary team in elderly rehabilitation in the community. I have worked in trauma and orthopaedics, surgery and elderly medicine. I am involved in the RCN at Branch level and as a learning rep within the workplace.

I am currently on the South East Regional Board; this has given me experience of the governance role. I believe I can expand on this role by being on Council. I believe I, along with all Council, can give you, the members a voice. Your voice needs to be heard! We need to communicate!

In previous years the RCN has not communicated in an effective manner with its members. I want to change this. As a Council member my goal is to link with committees, boards, branches and members. I am willing to visit members in person, at branch meetings and workplaces to listen, and engage, with members to listen to their concerns. I will take these concerns to Council and communicate the response back to members. Being responsive is key as it shows the members that Council is listening.

I believe members should be able to attend meetings, not only to observe, but to offer input; this will give a member’s perspective to Council. Meetings are to be transparent, open and honest. I believe by engaging with the members gives them a louder voice.

Be heard, be supportive, have HOPE together, you are NOT alone.

Wayne Sleck

Wayne Sleck

South East Council Candidate

Wayne is standing for the South East Council seat in the current round of elections,

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