How I'll be taking forward issues raised at Congress

 Janice Waters 5 Jun 2019 Eastern

I was pleased to see the Eastern region so well represented at RCN Congress in Liverpool last month. I was sorry not to be able to be there myself, but was delighted to be able to follow proceedings online.

Although I know it was not as good as being in the room, I was nevertheless surprised at how involved I felt in what was going on, especially by following some of the commentary on Twitter. I found myself immersed in quite a few conversations.

This means that far from feeling left out, it was possible to enjoy the proceedings and listen to the debates taking place. Members who cannot attend for whatever reason should not be put off from being involved when there was so many ways to engage with what is happening at Congress.

The speakers were excellent. I found Tom Ray's session very moving as he spoke about his experience of sepsis.

As a result of Congress I plan to take the issue of access for disabled members at Congress to Council, in addition to continuing the debates about personal care and resilience. Bullying is also an issue I would like to explore with other Council members.

I'm sure the next council meeting will be lively. We have to continue to improve transparency from Council and there are lots of members who are pushing this forward. As an RCN member please feel free to keep contacting me and raising any issues you’d like me to take forward.

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