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A shocking, shameful shambles

Natalie Brooks 22 Jul 2021 Eastern

Natalie Brooks, Chair of the RCN's Eastern Board, reacts to the government announcement on the 2021/22 NHS pay award. 

Yesterday's NHS pay award announcement was a shambles by the government. First delaying the announcement of what they were going to give us, and then announcing at almost 6pm it would be 3%, with no opportunity for it to be discussed or debated.

The total lack of respect and understanding of how highly-skilled the nursing profession is is shocking. 

Offering such a low percentage is going to have a major impact on safe staffing. I know members who were awaiting the announcement to decide if they were going to retire, and now they feel they have no choice. 

It's clear the government do not appreciate or understand what each and every nurse and HCA in the NHS give on a daily basis to patient care. There are people now who financially can’t afford to work in the NHS and are now looking at other careers in the independent sector or outside of nursing. So this is going to have a massive impact on patient safety and care.

I urge the government to reconsider its position and I urge every RCN member to get involved and have your voices heard

Tonight the RCN is holding a meeting to talk about next steps - you can find out more here - and Eastern region will also be holding events and meetings over the coming weeks.

But for now I urge every member to update their details and encourage colleagues to update their details, because we need to hear your opinion and your thoughts on this.

Together we are stronger.

A photo of Natalie Brooks

Natalie Brooks

RCN Eastern Board Chair and RCN Steward

Emergency Care Staff Nurse

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