Factsheet for nurses about physical activity in relation to COVID-19

 Jan Sinclair 28 Jul 2020

This new factsheet within the Motivate2Move suite of resources is very relevant for nurses as it captures the physiology of the immune system and how being more physically active can potentially minimise the severity of COVID-19 if infected.

There is no better time than the present to emphasise these benefits and it is essential that nurses engage in those all important Making Every Contact Count conversations with their patients in order to effect positive changes.

The newest factsheet in the Motivate2Move series forms part of the physical activity toolkit, which can be found on the RCN Physical Activity pages. It is essential reading for nurses and midwives, as it talks about the benefits of physical activity in relation to improving your immune system and potentially minimising the severity of symptoms of Covid-19 if infected.

With so many fast paced changes in health care currently happening, now is the time for staff to engage in those all-important conversations with their patients about the continued benefits of physical activity and the key messages are easy to translate into practice.

In addition to the new factsheet, there are also some key messages via the links below, especially as there is much known about the impact of COVID-19 on our most vulnerable populations with chronic long term conditions. Also have a look at the following links for tips on how physical activity can improve the life of patients with health conditions and how activity as simple as walking can improve health.

Jan Sinclair

Jan Sinclair

RCN Public Health Forum member

Senior Healthcare Public Health Nurse

As well as her role in the NHS, Jan is a Public Health England Nurse Clinical Champion for Physical Activity delivering training on the Moving Professionals Programme across North West England

Page last updated - 28/07/2020