Gastrointestinal research survey

Kathy Whayman 15 Mar 2019

Gastrointestinal research survey

As a member of the Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum Steering Committee, I, like my colleagues on the committee are committed to promoting and supporting audit, research, peer review and publication in order to advance nursing practice and patient care and build the knowledge, skills, confidence and competence of all nurses working in gastrointestinal nursing. 

Last year we sent out a survey to our 3.800 members to establish a baseline understanding of research activity, the capacity and capability of nurses to do research in their practice and assess the appetite for further development in research.

However, not all members received the invitation to complete the survey (including me!) and  only 20% opened the email, less than 2% opened the survey and less than 1% submitted a response.

So, we decided to repeat the survey this year. If you completed it last year, there is no need to do so again this year – we have your responses – thank you.

If you didn’t, I urge you to contribute. We have introduced a SAVE and CONTINUE LATER option this year which you may find helpful if you have to dig out some information to complete the survey.

Please use the following link for the survey:

The questionnaire closes at 11 pm on Friday, 12 April 2019.

I really appreciate your support in this - thank you. 

Kathy Whayman

Kathy Whayman

Kathy Whayman

RCN Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum Steering Committee Member and Project Lead

Senior Nurse Lecturer

Kathy is a senior lecturer in adult nursing at the University of Hertfordshire. Her clinical background is in gastrointestinal nursing, and colorectal cancer nursing. She has been in nursing education since 2005, and worked within the Burdett Institute of Gastrointestinal Nursing, establishing education and research programmes for nurses within this specialty. 

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