Getting deserved recognition through credentialing

 Angela Griffiths 11 Oct 2017

Angela recently gained her Advanced Level Nurse Practitioner Credential. Here, she shares her experience.

When I decided that it was time to gain an official certificate to establish my position as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, the hospital I work at suggested that I apply to the Royal College of Nursing Credentialing service.

From this initial decision all the way through to achieving my credential, the application process was straightforward: uploading my evidence was easy, and the credentialing team were really helpful, and readily accessible.

Being an Advanced Level Nurse Practitioner will be useful for revalidation, and having formal recognition of my skills has given me professional standing with both colleagues and patients. The hospital is also pleased as having nurses credentialed as working at advanced level is a mark of pride – and demonstrates the quality of staff here.

I would definitely recommend any nurses practicing at advanced level to gain the Royal College of Nursing Advanced Level Nurse Practitioner Credential. Having my position and skill level formally recognised by a reputable, external organisation has been really beneficial, and brings with it a real sense of personal achievement.

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Angela Griffiths

Angela Griffiths

Arrhythmia Advanced Nurse Practioner, Oxford University Hospitals

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