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 Andrew Christaki 20 Oct 2017 South West

Like many STPs, Gloucestershire has made reference to an accountable care organisation approach and we are awaiting further details.

I have a seat on the local workforce partnership forum but there is no detail of what the future workforce might look like to date. The STP is not clear how it will link their workforce with clinical pathways. It is developing a staff passport approach: eg. transferable clinical skills, mandatory training across all employers. Organisations are keen to do this but challenges with systems not cooperating need to be overcome before this can become a reality.

Changes we do know about that will impact staff are the likelihood that 2Gether NHS Foundation Trust and Gloucestershire Care Services will become one organisation, as reported in the Health Service Journal. Also two community hospitals are potentially closing to be moved to a new site.

At local and national level, working with other trade unions, we are raising concerns that organisations in the South West, are planning to create wholly owned subsidiary companies - at the moment to provide non clinical services. This could see staff moved away NHS terms and conditions including their NHS pension. This is a purely financially driven approach to cut costs.  

Andrew Christaki

Andrew Christaki

Senior RCN Officer

Andrew is a Senior RCN Officer in the South West region, with responsibility for Bristol, North Somerset and Gloucestershire.

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