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 Vicky Brotherton 22 Feb 2019 Safe staffing

Thursday 14 February 2019 was a big milestone for the RCN and member engagement. 

Mike Lawton, member from Bristol branch, Lynn Batson, Senior Regional Officer, and myself from Plymouth branch were at RCN Headquarters for the initial collaborative event to develop the RCN’s Staffing for Safe and Effective Care Campaign. 

Sue Warner, Chair of Council, welcomed everyone to the meeting and informed us that it was the number one priority for RCN Council this year and that the Interim Director for England, Patricia Marquis, would be leading the work, linking closely with RCN Council. 

This is a new way of working where all members, not only RCN activists, are included from the outset is a welcome response from criticism in the ERS report last year.

Each region had a self-nominated RCN activist, member and staff member attend the initial collaborative event and we will work together to gather members opinions, thoughts and experiences to feed into the campaign development. 

Each region will be holding an event for members and activists to gather information, ours is on Thursday 21 March 2019 at Taunton Rugby Ground.  Please check your inbox as all South West members have been sent an email invitation.  Mike and I will be there to discuss and share with you the information we have so far, but most importantly we want your views and stories about staffing.

If you are unable to attend the day but want to be part of this vital piece of work please feel free to contact Michael or I through the regional office or via social media. 

We know that it is not going to be a quick fix campaign but by working collaboratively we will ensure that your RCN Council hear what is important to you for safe staffing and help to shape the future for our fantastic profession both for registered and non-registered colleagues. 

We are all in this together so please get involved to get your voice heard for the benefit of our patients/clients whether in the public, private and third sectors.
Vicky Brotherton, RCN Plymouth Branch Chair

Vicky Brotherton

RCN Plymouth Branch Chair, RCN Lead Steward at Derriford Hospital, Vice Chair of Staff Side JSNC

Senior Sister

Vicky is a Senior Sister in the Opthalmology Department at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth and Chair of the RCN Plymouth Branch.

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