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 Claire Cannings 29 Oct 2018

We’ve revised the much-loved RCN Student Money Guide to bring together the answers to all your funding, money and accommodation questions - in one place.   


As well as information on the various student funding entitlements for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, it now incorporates funding information on the new nursing apprentice schemes. 

We’ve added advice on accommodation issues; including a handy check list when considering renting a property, and advice on other common housing issues.

There’s a section on funding and benefits advice for students with disabilities; and a comprehensive benefits guidance for parents. RCN Students have also provided some of their brilliant top tips for saving money.

This guide is created for students just like you, so tell us want you think. We want this handy online resource to keep growing. With your feedback and ideas for students, we can keep it updated and relevant. If there is something that you would really like to see added to the guide, or if you have any brilliant money saving tips, please forward them to

Access the Student Money Guide here.

Claire Cannings

Claire Cannings

Senior Welfare Advisor

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