Negotiations on NHS pay in Scotland continue as England decides

 Norman Provan 6 Jun 2018

As the RCN’s consultation on a pay offer for NHS staff in England closes and the result is awaited Norman Provan gives an update on negotiations on NHS pay in Scotland.

Yesterday (5 June), the RCN vote on a pay offer for NHS staff in England closed. The other health trade unions involved also closed their votes and the result will be announced in a joint statement this Friday (8 June). 

Safe to say it’s probably the most eagerly anticipated announcement for several years, whatever your views on the offer.

But in Scotland, we remain deep in negotiation on a separate offer. Pay negotiations between health trade unions, NHS employers in Scotland and the Scottish Government are ongoing. Negotiations are progressing well, although some issues are not yet agreed and may be challenging to deliver. 

The agreed timeline for negotiations in Scotland are quite tight, but the aim is still to bring a proposed offer to the joint health trade unions at the end of June. Presuming agreement at that stage. The proposed deal would then be sanctioned by the Scottish Government, at which point the health trade unions would consult their members. The consultation period would run until the end of August 2018.

So it’s probably a difficult time for members in Scotland who work in the NHS. Before negotiations in Scotland began, there was a lot of debate about what the offer in England did – and didn’t – mean for different people and the approach to consultation across the UK. But since then, not so much.

It’s the tricky nature of negotiations that, while they are ongoing, the detail is confidential. It’s a necessary but unsatisfactory facet of the process; full and frank discussions would be difficult if done in the media and public spotlight. But it can lead to rumour and gossip fill the vacuum. It’s only human nature and for nursing staff who have fought for so long for fairer pay, it’s understandable.

In the meantime, we’ll keep members updated as best we can and will let you know the full detail of any offer as soon as it is possible. 

Visit our website for future updates and look out for meetings in your local area for the latest opportunity to meet our officer team for further information.

Norman Provan

Norman Provan

Associate Director - Employment Relations, RCN Scotland

Norman Provan has been RCN Scotland Associate Director since 2008. He is the RCN's lead negotiator on NHS pay in Scotland.

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