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 Ruth Burey 22 Dec 2017

Our RCN Quality Improvement Network (QIN) in the West Midlands was established in response to an identified need locally for a dedicated forum for showcasing and sharing nursing innovation and a space to explore challenges and solutions on quality and safety issues in health care.

The network is open to all nursing staff, particularly those in roles that have a remit for quality and safety.

Our latest event, chaired as usual by Sarahjane Jones, Health Services Researcher at Birmingham City University, focused on infection prevention and control.

Our first speaker was Helen Dunn, who spent six months on secondment at the RCN in 2016 working as our professional lead for infection control. Helen highlighted the importance of prevention and explained that there’s a new national focus on reducing gram-negative bacterial infections by 2020; these often affect the urinary tract and chest. Helen also spoke about the need to spread good infection control practice across all patient settings and about how Great Ormond Street Hospital is using new technology to record and help manage the condition of patients.

Next up was Veronica Toffolutti, associate member of the Department of Sociology at Oxford University. Veronica talked us through a study that she’s doing with a team of colleagues which is looking at the implications of outsourcing hospital cleaning services on MRSA infection rates.

Louise Isham, doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham and a qualified social worker, then spoke about a study she is helping to lead into the needs and experiences of family carers affected by harmful behaviour by an older person for whom they care. Louise is seeking input from health care professionals as well as carers, so if you’re interested in contributing to the research you can find out more by visiting the project website.

In the final session of our event we looked at identifying quality and safety priorities for nursing locally, including key performance indicators, opportunities to link health and social care to achieve a better patient experience and safe staffing.

Our next QIN meeting will take place at the RCN’s regional office in Edgbaston, Birmingham on Tuesday 13 March 2018 from 9.30am to 1.30pm. If you would like further information or you’re interested in presenting your work or running a workshop or discussion session, please get in touch with me. My email address is

Ruth Burey

Facilitator of Professional Learning and Development

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