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We’re currently putting together the next Students magazine, which will be out in April. Did you know you can write for us or contribute an idea? Get in touch at studentsmagazine@rcn.org.uk for consideration.

We’re also always looking for content for the new dedicated online platform. Head there now to check out some of our latest online pieces, such as: 

Learning with an open mind

Second year student nurse Emily Asbridge had a unique insight into what it’s like to be a student in China, and witnessed the positive effects of more traditional forms of treatment.

Emily says: “My experience really opened my eyes to the wider world and has made me fully appreciate and embrace cultural diversity. It is the 21st century and we live in such a diverse society, where we treat people from all walks of life. As a student nurse I believe it’s imperative to have a sound concept and appreciation of cultural differences and methods of care.”

The power of empathy

Join newly qualified nurse Helen Thompson as she reflects on how her experiences as a patient have helped shape her nursing practice.

“Being a patient has actually taught me a lot about being a nurse,” Helen says. “It can become very easy on a 12-hour shift, when you are consumed in all of your tasks and chasing your paperwork, to forget to sit with your patients and say a few kind words. But if you make sure you do anything on your shift, then please let it be this.”

A vulnerable position

As students, you will hopefully only encounter supportive and safe learning environments – but there is always the possibility you might find yourself in a vulnerable position. One student bravely shares their story here where a hub placement left them feeling uncomfortable and worried for the safety of other students and possibly even patients.

Read their story and find advice and support services for if you have experienced something similar.

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More online articles will be uploaded soon so keep checking the RCN Students magazine website!

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