Say hello to Josh Berlyne, Support and Campaigns Officer at RCN London

Josh Berlyne 23 Feb 2021

Hear from Josh about some of the great work reps are doing in the capital, and how you can get involved.

I came to work for the RCN because I believe that right now we’re in the fight of our lives for our healthcare system. With a background in trade union organising and having been a rep myself, I wanted to throw myself into this fight on the side of nursing staff, because our health and care system could not run without you—whether you’re a care worker, nursing support worker or a registered nurse.

Whether you’ll be one of many reps in your workplace, or you’re the only one, there’s a great community of established reps that will support you, together with staff in the RCN London region.

I’m excited to get to work building the power of nursing staff in the capital, so that we’re able to win big improvements on the issues important to you, whether that’s pay, staffing levels, or a local issue specific to your workplace. We can win if we all stand up together and get organised.

Get in touch if you want to find out how you can bring your colleagues together to win improvements at work. Here are just two examples of the work that reps are doing around the capital.

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Image of Josh Berlyne

Josh Berlyne

Support and Campaigns Officer, RCN London

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