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Moyra Journeaux 28 Sep 2021 Area of Practice Education

It’s that time of year again! The RCN International Nursing Research Conference is just over and the Advanced Nurse Practitioner Conference is fast approaching as we move into October. Planning is underway for the Education Forum Conference and Exhibition 2022 and the call for abstracts is out.

These are my personal top three conferences on the conference circuit. Conferences are a wonderful educational opportunity for Continuing Professional Development. Attending a conference provides a chance to listen to the viewpoint of eminent keynote speakers. There is opportunity to participate in workshops and masterclasses and to contribute to discussion and debate. The experience of networking with others with the same specialist interest or experience is a wonderful chance to keep up to date with new knowledge. There is something for everyone. I love that return to work feeling post conference – the enthusiasm, the freshness of new ideas to share and explore and the new networks available to tap into for future development and collaboration. Your colleagues, your patients and students all benefit.

Why present?

If you have ever sat at a conference as a delegate and thought, I can do that or I would like to do that, or if you have work or a project to promote, presenting at a conference is an ideal platform to showcase your findings at a national and international level. I would recommend that everyone thinks about the personal and professional growth that can be gained from stepping outside of your comfort zone and actively participating as a presenter. See it as a new challenge to take your networking to the next level.

What is an abstract?

A conference abstract is a brief summary of a paper you want to present at a conference. Your abstract is like a business card. It is your sale’s pitch. You want to stand out. You are selling your ideas to the conference organisers, and then to the conference delegates. A poor abstract submitted to a conference organiser is very unlikely to be accepted. A good conference abstract and the chance to present at conference is great for your professional portfolio. Conference presentations whether oral or poster, are presented in person. You need to engage your audience, and conference organisers will want to know how you intend to hold their interest. You need to get this across in your abstract.

My top tips

  • Take some time to think through the kind of presentations that the conference attracts.
  • Be sure to check out the conference themes – what is the overarching theme and what sub-themes are the conference focusing on. Abstract reviewers will be looking to see how your proposed presentation aligns.
  • Stick to the conference abstract guidance.
  • Your conference abstract is the only thing that the conference organisers will see; it needs to be strong enough to stand out from the others? Consider what will make your presentation unique and appealing?
  • Write in plain English.
  • In a few sentences, explain what you intend to include in the presentation itself. So, perhaps something like, ‘I will briefly outline the… I will present slides outlining….’

For further guidance, read through our useful hints and tips for writing a successful abstract.

You want to give conference organisers confidence that you can put together and deliver an engaging presentation.

So now you’ve read my top tips, my advice is go for it. Take that step, it’s your time to shine! Consider submitting an abstract for the Education Forum Conference and Exhibition 2022.

For more information on the conference themes and submission process, visit the event website. Be quick though, abstract submission closes midnight on Wednesday 20 October 2022.

A final word, presenting at a conference means that your local organisation will be showcased. This can provide a great justification to your employer for time off/and funding to attend.

Moyra Journeaux

Moyra Journeaux

Education Forum steering committee member

Senior Lecturer, Government of Jersey

Dr Moyra Journeaux is a Senior Lecturer and Jersey partnership programme lead for the MSc Professional Studies and the MSc Advanced Practice programmes. Her interests are: research, ethics, social history, social policy, the history of nurse education, student identity, lecturer identity, disciplinary power, patient safety, infection prevention and control, and pain management. Moyra is a committee member of the RCN Education Forum Steering Committee.

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