The thought of revalidation was more worrying than the actual process

 Gina Newton 7 Mar 2017 Eastern

To start off I was really worried that I wasn’t going to be able to prove that I had actually done all the things I knew I had done. But I had all my certificates and other documentation so I pulled everything together and I realised I had done quite a lot and could present everything quite quickly. Once all the proof was in front of me, the reflective piece was quite easy to do.

I used the RCN’s online portfolio which helped me order everything and kept me on track.  It helped ensure I had done all the hours and got the right qualifications in the right bit.

Arranging the sign off and reflective session was quite easy. I made sure that I made the appointment with my manager in plenty of time. This then gave me a target to work towards in making sure I had done everything. The hardest part was actually seeing my manager.  Although I managed to get it in the diary early, the first meeting had to be cancelled, so you need to allow time for that.

Once I got all the forms, I went onto the NMC website and uploaded everything I needed and pressed the submit button.  Again, I allowed plenty of time before my revalidation date just in case of any IT problems. I was surprised at how easy the NMC have made it.  It was very straight forward.  If you are not computer literate, you might need some assistance with uploading the documents.

I got an email to say my documents had been received, and then another email a few weeks later to say I was revalidated. You need to hold onto everything just in case you are asked for the documents in the future.

I would say the process of making sure I had all the information together and the reflective pieces took two to three days.

Now that I’m in my second round of revalidation, I am spending half an hour each week to upload any learning I completed that week. I recommend using an electronic system even if you just keep a word table with the type of training and dates. It will make it a lot easier next time. Make time each week or even once a month, don’t leave it until the last minute.

Overall, the thought of it was much more worrying than the actual process. As I pulled everything together I realised I had hit all the targets and wasn’t worried about not being able to revalidate.

My main tip would be to get the appointment in your manager’s diary in plenty of time to allow for any cancellations. And don’t leave it until the last minute!

Gina Newton, RCN Steward

Gina Newton

RCN Steward and Learning and Development Representative

Care Certificate Assessment Support Nurse

Gina was voted RCN Steward of the Year 2016.

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