Today, I am your nurse

 Michelle Gorman 16 Jun 2017 Nursing in Justice and Forensic Health Care

You are out with friends on a Friday night, having fun and enjoying their company.

You have a few drinks, a bit of a dance and then you start talking to someone.

As the night develops, you both go back to your flat where very quickly the evening takes a turn for the worse. Before you know it, they are being forceful. You don’t want to be kissed, you don’t want to go to the bedroom and you certainly don’t want to have sex. You are being pushed around, shouted at, your clothes are being torn off. You are crying, pleading for it all to stop. You shout “no” over and over again. You are scared, frightened for your life and suddenly the shock hits that you are about to be raped.

What feels like hours later, it’s over. You escape and somehow make it home. You just want to have a shower, to wash it all away and forget about what has happened. You call a friend and they support as well as encourage you to phone the police. A forensic examination is booked with me, your sexual assault nurse examiner.

I will care for you, listen to you and support you in all of the decisions you are about to make. We will go at your pace and all that I do will be of a high standard. I will practice within the legal needs of the criminal justice system but your physical and psychological needs will be of paramount importance to me. I will ensure that the support from colleagues continues when you leave and I will carefully document everything. I am a skilled practitioner with over 16 years of experience as a nurse, midwife and specialist community public health nurse. I have advanced skills and training in forensic practice and I am passionate about my work.

Together we will get through this. Today, I am your nurse and I will look after you.

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Michelle Gorman

RCN Nursing in Justice and Forensic Health Care Forum member

Sexual assault nurse examiner

Michelle is currently employed as a sexual assault nurse examiner. She is a qualified adult nurse, midwife, specialist community public health nurse and prescriber. She is studying for her PgD in advanced forensic practice - sexual assault pathway.

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