UK Career Framework for Stroke Nurses - Time is Now

 Ismalia de sousa 24 Apr 2019

The RCN Neuroscience forum is developing a UK Career Framework for Stroke nurses. 


The time is now for a career framework for stroke nurses

Together with other stroke nursing networks, the RCN Neuroscience Forum have been leading the UK career framework group. Our main aim is to develop a career framework for stroke nurses in the UK. 

Stroke nursing is an exciting career, not only because of the advances in hyper-acute stroke treatments. For me, it is about the positive impact that stroke nurses have at all levels of the stroke pathway in hospital, the community, education and research. However, the rise in the incidence of stroke and the number of stroke survivors living with a disability creates challenges in the stroke nursing workforce. 

I believe we need a workforce with the knowledge and skills that can advance the profession, whether nurses choose a clinical academic, advanced clinical practice, educational or management pathway to develop their careers. 

If you are a nursing student or a nurse working in a stroke ward, if stroke is your passion, I want you to have a vision of where you see yourself in the future. If you are a stroke specialist nurse, I want you to know how you can become a stroke nurse consultant. If you are working in Wales as a senior nurse in a stroke unit and want to move to any of the other territories in the UK, I want your capabilities to be recognised. 

A recognised UK career framework for stroke nurses will empower you, and most certainly will empower me too. It can motivate us and with that, a knowledgeable and skilled workforce will benefit stroke survivors and the organisations we work in.

The time is now!

To read more about the project, its aims and how you can be involved please read the official statement. Official Statement

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Ismalia de sousa

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Appointed member of the RCN Neuroscience Forum Steering Committee, member of the Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party and of the Editorial Board of the British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing.

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