A winter wonder band of nurses

 Mike Adams 14 Dec 2017

The snowy cold snap that gripped parts of the West Midlands earlier this week yielded stories of some truly exceptional feats of determination and dedication to duty by nurses and their colleagues.

From the staff nurse who walked for three hours to go to work in Birmingham to the community nurse who dug her car out of the Warwickshire snow no fewer than four times in order to visit patients, the resourcefulness shown by nursing staff to surmount the obstacles of the adverse weather was admirable.

The snow was even used to therapeutic effect by a mental health nurse in Shropshire who reported the enjoyment of building snowmen with patients outside their inpatient unit.

In other areas, members of the public offered practical help – for example, by using their 4x4 vehicles to ferry nurses in snow-bound villages and towns to and from appointments with patients – in a delightful demonstration of just how appreciated by the public nurses are.

Overcame the odds

I echo wholeheartedly the plaudits given by patients, carers and health care employers alike to all of the health care workers who overcame the odds to ensure patients continued to receive the care they need.

It’s the kind of commitment and compassion that will be exhibited in abundance again over the Christmas and New Year period when most of the rest of us will be taking some time off work to be with family and friends and re-charge our batteries.

I offer my sincere thanks for the work of nursing staff in the West Midlands and beyond – and also to the team of RCN staff who support them that I feel privileged to lead – and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Mike Adams

RCN England Director

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