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Fiona Hibberts 30 Oct 2020

Reflective practice is good, yes! This is my first blog as Chair of our Forum, so a huge hello.

As Isobel stepped down in May, after an amazing term of office both as a member and chair of our forum, her work has continued in the publication of the Iron deficiency & anaemia guidance earlier this year. Her leadership and dedication to all things gastrointestinal has been amazing, her contribution outstanding and a very hard act to follow!

Hannah Yarrow has also now taken maternity leave and stood down from the committee; she has been instrumental in ensuring our Facebook pages are up and running, but now has more than enough to keep her busy! It's also very sad to see Lynda Greenslade and Michelle Clayton end their terms at the end of this month too. Both Michelle and Lynda, have transformed liver nursing; in writing policies and lately in writing competencies that will see liver nursing and care well into the future. All four members will be a huge loss to our forum, but they promise to stay involved and contribute too. Finally our Professional Lead, Ann McMahon, retired. She has been a source of inspiration, support, confidence and wise counsel over the years. Ann has enabled our forum to become what it is today, and we are all so grateful to her for her time, advice and friendship. We will miss you Ann! We hope that our research project will recognise your contribution and continue your legacy.

A massive thank you Isobel, Hannah, Michelle, Ann and Lynda for all your hard work and effort for our forum, and very best wishes for what's next.

So it's all change. Now there are four of us! As we close this chapter within the forum, it's a good opportunity to look again at our aims and what we want to achieve over this coming year. Much of the work that has been going on over the last few years has now finished and been published. So it's right to see what new opportunities we have as a forum and our speciality as a whole.

I must say I'm not sure that I want to look back too much over this last year, reflective practice is good for us isn't it? But enough said about that! However, it's a great opportunity for us as a forum, to think about how we want to influence our profession and our speciality. Now is a good time to look forward, to dream again about the many diverse, aspects of gastrointestinal nursing and how we provide a significant contribution to caring for our patients. We want to hear from you as we develop a new strategy for the forum and continue to support you to care for your patients.

Fiona Hibbert

Fiona Hibberts

RCN Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum Chair

Head of the Nightingale Academy and Consultant Nurse, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Fiona leads postgraduate education and research within the trust

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