West Midlands Board meeting - May 2019

Dann Gooding 15 May 2019

The RCN West Midlands Regional Board met on 13 May 2019. The content of this blog includes the ‘key messages’, particularly for members in the West Midlands, but in the interests of transparency, they are open for all to read.

Staffing for Safe and Effective Care

Staffing for Safe and Effective Care is the key piece of campaign work for RCN England moving forward. The 2012 Health and Social Care Act devolved NHS delivery out of the Department of Health into several national agencies, leaving no one clearly accountable for ensuring safe and effective staffing levels. While individual NHS providers have a duty to ensure their own workplaces are adequately staffed, they cannot solve the nationwide shortage of nursing staff.

We are calling for clear legislation that ensures the right number of nurses with the right skills to ensure safe and effective patient care in all publicly-funded health and care settings – regardless of provider.

We need RCN members to speak out and help to build public support for changes to the law.

Successful regional events have been held in March and April which saw members from across all sectors, from students to senior nurse managers – many of whom are new to being active with the RCN – coming together to develop their thinking around campaign target audiences, messages and activity. The nominated member, rep and staff campaign leads for the regions have been central to facilitating these events and will develop regional campaign plans that are informed by the work of these planning events. Members attending the events have committed to continuing to support the campaign activity as it progresses but this is just the start; you can still become involved and take an active part in the campaign.

Branches and Local Learning Events 

At present each branch organises six Local Learning Events each year. Not only do these events provide valuable CPD opportunities but they are also an integral tool for member communication. You should be receiving updates about these events via email but the Board discussed how we can support our branches moving forward to ensure that members have an appropriate forum to raise and discuss challenges they face in a supportive, peer-led environment. The Board and branch committees would welcome any support from members in strengthening our branch voice.

Northern Ireland

The Board unanimously stand in solidarity with our Northern Irish counterparts. Not having a government is making the situation untenable for nurses. We stand with them as they discuss the possibility of industrial action over conditions and pay.

Sue Warner 

The Board also unanimously supports Sue Warner, the RCN Council representative for the West Midlands, who was democratically re-elected by members following last year's Extraordinary General Meeting.

RCN Congress

With Congress being next week it would be great if all West Midlands members who plan on using Twitter tag @RCNWestMids in any posts or photos of their members, particularly when they’re speaking at the lectern. We want to celebrate the work of our members.

Thank you for reading!


Dann Gooding

Dann Gooding

RCN West Midlands Board member

Dann is a children's nurse and a member of the RCN West Midlands Regional Board.

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