Mental health and learning disability nursing: Advancing the profession through the approved clinician role

24 Feb 2022 09:30 - 15:00



Please note the event is now fully booked. If you have secured a delegate place and are unable to attend, please contact the Events Registration Team to cancel your place so that it can be offered to another individual on the waiting list

This free virtual event is designed to bring together nurses who have been able to take up the Approved Clinician role and provide a forum for them to share what more is needed to consolidate this role in operational practice, while increasing uptake.

The Approved Clinician role was first developed as part of the review and refresh of the Mental Health Act in 2008.

This role was introduced in order to widen the range of professionals who could undertake this role, and ensure better patient care experience and increased patient choice.

This opportunity offers mental health and learning disabilities nurses the option to progress into a senior clinical role, encouraging the retention of some of our most skilled clinicians in the workforce. 

Since this development very few nurses have felt able to take up this opportunity, and those that have, often report feeling isolated and unsupported by their ‘professional bodies’. This is a gap we intend to fill. 

This event is designed to bring together nurses who have been able to take up this opportunity and provide a forum for them to share what more is needed to consolidate this role in operational practice, while increasing uptake.

It will also act as a showcase for those who may be interested in, or are already commencing the journey to become an AC/RC. Providing a chance for them to learn from their peers, and share tools and interventions that will help them on this journey.  

Who should attend?

  • Nurses who have achieved the status of Approved Clinician 
  • Nurses who are training to become an Approved Clinician
  • Nurses who are considering becoming an Approved Clinician
  • Nurse leaders who wish to develop the roll of Approved Clinician within their organisations.

The event will be hosted on Hopin; the world's leading all-in-one virtual event platform.

The virtual event will include main stage, breakout sessions, exhibition and networking opportunities via speed networking, event/session chat tool bar and the opportunity to direct message or arrange 121 meetings with attendees.


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Page last updated - 28/01/2022