RCN pan-Devon meeting between RCN members and MPs

15 Jan 2021 11:00 - 12:00



This event is an opportunity for RCN members living in Devon to meet with MPs in Devon
You will meet MPs in a supportive environment and be able to tell them the realities of nursing during COVID, share your thoughts on nursing pay, inform them of the complex and highly skilled nature of your role, and to ask them to represent you and your colleagues by speaking up for fair pay and safe staffing.

When you book your place, please let us know who your MP is and we will tell those MPs who have confirmed that a constituent will be attending. If your MP has not confirmed we will approach them again to attend.

You can book online using the button above, or email events.reg@rcn.org.uk or call them on 02920 546 460. If you contact the events registration team in person please quote event number 1845.


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